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The Prestisharp offers complete flexibility to meet individual knife sharpening requirements. It features interchangeable sharpening surfaces and precise sharpening angles of 15° and 20°, guaranteeing professional sharpening results.

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Diamond sharpening surface

This surface is designed to provide high quality and precise sharpening, suitable for all types of knife steels, regardless of their hardness level.

Industrial diamond technology ensures an efficient and durable sharpening result, comparable to the edge of a high-quality kitchen knife when it leaves the factory. Plus, if used correctly, this surface will never need to be replaced​​.

Honing surface ceramic

After using the diamond sharpening surface, this additional surface allows the edge to be further refined.

 Integrated grooves smooth the knife blade and remove dust sharpening, making the edge even sharper and more precise.

Angle de 20°

This sharpening angle is specially designed to guarantee a stable edge, ideal for knives used daily in the kitchen, as well as for outdoor pocket knives.

It ensures rapid sharpening and keeps the blade sharp over a long period.

Angle de 15°

Perfect for thin, high-quality blades, such as those made from damask steel or carbon steel.

 This angle allows for precise sharpening and gives a filigree edge while maintaining stability of the blade.

Efficiency and Durability Unparalleled

The single crystal diamonds used are extremely hard, surpassing the hardness of knife steel. They are fixed in a bed of nickel via a galvanic process, guaranteeing superior efficiency and a long lifespan.

During the first use, the surface will be refined to achieve optimal roughness, which will be maintained thereafter.

Notre innovation

Our innovation combines powerful neodymium magnets to hold the blade firmly during sharpening.

Thanks to its anti-slip function, even small blades can be sharpened consistently and reproducibly, ensuring precise and even sharpening with every use​​.

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