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Prestibalance | Freshness lid with weighing function for TM6, TM5


The strong points :


  • Allows the mixing bowl to be hermetically sealed

  • Food stays fresh longer and is protected from external effects.

  • Accurately weighs food directly on the Prestibalance without dirtying the mixing bowl.

  • Compatible with Thermomix® TM6 and TM5

  • Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA free

  • Sustainable production - Made in Germany

Keep it fresh with Prestibalance!

With the Prestibalance, your food is preserved airtight and stays fresh for longer.

The flexible sealing tab adapts perfectly to the mixing bowl and ensures a reliable seal.

Simply place the Prestibalance on the mixing bowl and secure with light pressure - done.

The contents of the salad bowl are thus protected from drying out or from insects that want to eat your food.

Unlike cling film and aluminum foil, the Prestibalance can of course be used several times.

Whether storing leftover food, allowing dough to rise or transporting food safely: Prestibalance reliably stores your food and protects it effectively against leaks.


Use the scale Thermomix® with maximum flexibility with Prestibalance

In addition to that, Prestibalance can be used as a practical weighing pan.

Thanks to the scale integrated into the Thermomix®, quantities can be weighed to the nearest gram independently of a cooking process, without dirtying the mixing bowl.

Prestibalance is placed on the mixing bowl or on the locking arms of the Thermomix®.

The food to be weighed can be placed either directly on Prestibalance, or in a bowl placed on Prestibalance.


Prestige quality

All our products have been tested under the strictest conditions, by experts who control the quality of products intended for the Thermomix®, in order to obtain the prestige mention (Presticap, Prestijuice, Presticover etc...)

We know how valuable your food processor is to you. This is why we guarantee our accessories 100% risk-free for your

We are proud to already have more than 7,000 satisfied customers!

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