Accessories for Monsieur Cuisine®

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presticap accessoire monsieur cuisine

Presticap MCC

€ 34.99
  Presticap MCC replaces the blades of your Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Monsieur Cuisine Plus This is the Monsieur Cuisine accessory you need The strong points : Replaces the blades...

Prestisoluce MCC

€ 29.99
  Prestisoluce MCC, the Monsieur Cuisine rotating spatula The essential Monsieur Cuisine accessory to recover the bottom of your bowl The strong points Collects food under the blades of your...

Prestisteam MCC

€ 22.99
  Discover Prestisteam, the steam guide chimney for Varoma Monsieur Cuisine The Varoma Monsieur Cuisine accessory for perfect steam circulation Points forts: The steam circulates correctly even with large portions....
presticover monsieur cuisine

Presticover MCC

€ 29.16
  Discover Presticover, the non-perforated silicone baking dish for your Monsieur Cuisine’s Varoma The essential Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessory! Points forts: Better cooking: Effortless preparation of cakes, fish or omelettes...
bec verseur monsieur cuisine connect

Prestispout MCC

€ 12.49
  Monsieur Cuisine Connect pouring spout The strong points ideal for pouring your preparations with more comfort combines perfectly with our Monsieur Cuisine Connect handle Easy to put on and...
Presticut Monsieur Cuisine

Presticut Monsieur Cuisine

€ 108.33€ 99.99
Presticut | Monsieur Cuisine vegetable cutter   The strong points : Slice and grate evenly with the Monsieur Cuisine Cutting discs can be used on both sides to adjust the grater...


€ 14.90€ 49.90
Presticlean | Micro-fiber cloth for one perfect multi-surface cleaning in a single pass The strong points :   Ultra soft microfiber cloth High performance multi-surface cleaner Effectively removes grease, dirt and stubborn...


€ 89.99€ 69.99