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Say goodbye to monotony in the kitchen with the Prestisteam cooking separator. Optimize your time by preparing up to four different foods simultaneously in your Thermomix®. Compatible with models TM5, TM6, and TM31, this separator is your ally for varied and healthy meals.

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Easy Multi-Cooking

With Prestisteam, multi-cooking becomes child's play. This exceptional divider allows you to cut your cooking space in half or quarters, offering a multitude of configurations for preparing your meals.

You can cook vegetables, meats and starchy foods at the same time without mixing flavors. Combine the two molds for even more variety and discover a new world of culinary possibilities.

Quality and Safety

Prestisteam is designed with a particularly thick edge and silicone bottom that ensure secure handling and increased durability.

Heat resistance ranges from -30°C to +230°C, allowing you to cook with confidence without worrying about food sticking or burning. High-quality silicone allows for even heat distribution, ensuring perfect cooking every time.

Easy Cleaning

Prestisteam's well-thought-out design allows for quick cleaning and worry-free dishwasher safe operation. Food doesn't stick thanks to the non-stick silicone, and cleanup is a snap.

FEliminate the time wasted scrubbing kitchen utensils, with Prestisteam, rediscover the pleasure of cooking without the chore of cleaning.