Prestislide 2 - Pre-order Canada
Prestislide 2 - Pre-order Canada
Prestislide 2 - Pre-order Canada
Prestislide 2 - Pre-order Canada
Prestislide 2 - Pre-order Canada
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Prestislide 2 - Pre-order Canada

€ 49.99
€ 59.99
No more need to lift your Thermomix®, the wheels of the Prestislide 2 guarantee moving easy and secure of your Thermomix® robot on n 'any work surface!

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Transform your Thermomix® experience

Never let mobility become a barrier in your kitchen. With the Prestislide 2, your Thermomix® slides with exceptional ease.

Imagine being able to move your device effortlessly, from corner to corner, adapting your space according to your current needs. No more restrictions, the Prestislide 2 turns every centimeter of your work surface into usable territory.

A perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics

The Prestislide 2 is not just an accessory, it's a style statement. Designed with impeccable finesse, it blends harmoniously with the most sophisticated elements of your kitchen.

Its sturdy wooden design, while sleek, fits perfectly, making your Thermomix® even more accessible and visually appealing.

Peace of mind assured

We understand how valuable your Thermomix® is to you. That's why the Prestislide 2 is designed to provide unparalleled safety.

By reducing vibrations, it not only ensures a more peaceful cooking experience, but it also protects the delicate scale of your appliance. Every movement is gentle, every move is secure.

Prestislide 2: Design and functionality in harmony.

Dive into the heart of the Prestislide 2 design, where every detail counts.

From the choice of wood to the design of the casters, including the strategically positioned notches, discover why the Prestislide 2 is the essential accessory for your Thermomix®.
Solid wood

Solid wood

The wood used for the Prestislide 2 is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also durable and sturdy. Each board is carefully selected to ensure maximum longevity, while providing a touch of elegance to your culinary space.
Safety slots

Safety slots

Strategically positioned, these notches guarantee the stability of your Thermomix, even during the fastest movements. They provide increased safety by preventing accidental slipping or tipping.

Ergonomic casters

These high-quality casters guarantee smooth and effortless movement of your Thermomix. Designed to last, they can support the weight of the robot while ensuring impeccable gliding on any surface.

Discreet and functional handle

Line your fingers under the Prestislide 2 and discover an integrated handle, designed for easy grip and movement. Its low-profile design ensures that it does not distract from aesthetics, while still providing essential functionality.