CGA Global Atlas Ltd franchise coverage, June 2023 edition

General Insurance Conditions (GTC) relating to the group insurance contract between Helvetia Compagnie Suisse d'Assurances SA, Saint-Gall ("Helvetia"), as insurer, and Global Atlas Ltd ("Prestigemix") as as an insurance policyholder.

1. Start and duration of insurance
The "Global Atlas Ltd franchise cover can be concluded within the framework of the guarantee (material guarantee) of 2 years granted
contractually by Vorwerk Holding GmbH (“Thermomix”).
The insurance coverage takes effect upon expiry of the 24-month warranty provided by Vorwerk Holding GmbH ("Thermomix") from
from the date of purchase of the insured device. Insurance coverage ends:
a) four years (48 months) after the start of insurance coverage; Or
b) in the event of total damage.

2. Revocation of insurance
A revocation of the insurance is possible within 14 days from the conclusion, provided that no damage has been
declared in the meantime. The declaration of revocation results in the termination of the insurance. The premium paid is refunded to the person

3. Number of insured losses per calendar year
The insurance covers one loss per calendar year. Subject to point 2, this provision applies regardless of the cause causing
caused the insured damage.

4. Insured person/beneficiary in the event of a claim
The insured person and the beneficiary in the event of a claim are those mentioned in the insurance policy. The insured person must have their
domicile or head office in France.

5. Champ d'application territorial
The insurance is valid worldwide.

6. Insured device
The electronic device mentioned on the insurance policy with its serial number is insured.

7. Sale of the insured device
If the insured device is sold, the insurance coverage under these GTC is transferred to the rightful purchaser with the
ownership of the insured device, provided that it is domiciled in France.

8. Insured events
The excess resulting from the Simplicity, Serenity or Serenity + repair services from Vorwerk Holding GmbH ("Thermomix") is insured.
This list is exhaustive.

9. Insurance benefit
In the event of a claim, Helvetia covers the excess payable by the insured person up to a limit of 259 euros.

10. Exclusions
Costs that do not result from Simplicity, Serenity or Serenity + repair services from Vorwerk Holding GmbH are not insured.

11. Obligations in the event of a disaster
The claim must be reported immediately to Global Atlas Ltd (no later than 14 days after becoming aware of it) by means of
following communication:
- Internet :

12. Claims Manager
Claims are handled exclusively by Global Atlas Ltd

13. Violation of obligations
In the event of violation of legal or contractual requirements or obligations, services may be refused or reduced. This
disadvantage does not arise if, depending on the circumstances, the violation must be considered not culpable.

14. Other insurance and responsibilities
Other insurance contracts existing at the time of the occurrence of the loss and covering the same risks as those insured by the
This insurance takes priority. Helvetia only intervenes within the framework of these General Terms and Conditions if no benefit is paid or
only partially through other contracts.
If a responsible person must answer for the event, his obligation to compensate takes precedence over the obligation to provide services arising from the
this contract. If the person responsible refuses his obligation to provide service and it is a loss compensable under these CGA,
Helvetia intervenes within the framework of these General Terms and Conditions by being subrogated to the rights of the person responsible. The deduction of the franchise or the
differences in excess as well as reductions for serious misconduct, breach of obligations, underinsurance or different assessments in the event of
claims are not replaced by these CGA.

15. Data processing
Global Atlas Ltd and Helvetia only process data to the extent necessary for contract processing, claims and
benefits. Furthermore, the data may be processed for the purposes of administrative simplification, product optimization,
statistical evaluation and marketing within the insurance group. If necessary, the data is transmitted to third parties involved,
particular to previous insurers, co-insurers and reinsurers and other insurers involved in Switzerland and abroad, as well as to
Swiss and foreign companies of Helvetia Assurances. In addition, Helvetia can obtain useful information, in particular on
the evolution of claims, with official services and other third parties.

16. Jurisdiction and applicable law
The legal venue for disputes arising from this contract is, at your choice, the registered office of Helvetia (St. Gallen) or the domicile of the person
assured. French law is applicable to the contract.